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Whether you are needing #1, #2 or Dyed Diesel, our Fuel Division is your one-stop source. Our suppliers include ConocoPhillips, Sinclair, Holly, Valero, Coffeyville Resourses and others. If requested, we can furnish the high cetane rated fuel (premium diesel) from the Holly Refinery. The B&M Fuel Divsion owns and operates four dedicated transport tankers, as well as contracting with common carriers to offer 24/7 service to the region. Contact our experienced staff for all of your Diesel needs or questions.

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We are a full-line supplier of gasolines, including E-10, E-85 and other blends. Included in our cache of sources are ConocoPhillips and Sinclair, as well as Holly, Valero, Coffeyville Resources and others. The Fuel Division has a staff with over 226 years of combined experience to service your convenience store or commercial or industrial account. We can assist with station planning, construction and operation as well as offering branding, credit card and taxation knowledge. Our Fuel Division has the know-how, the products, and the friendly, helpful service to make you successful in the fuel industry.

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Our Kerosene is clear, road certified and taxed. Call our friendly staff for assistance with all of your kerosene needs.

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